Products and Services

  • Construction Management Software (GLEEM)

    GLEEM is a proprietary software package which can be customized to service the construction management needs of clients supporting energy conservation programs. The program manages key customer and construction data and tracks a customer through the program lifecycle from initial contact to invoicing to follow-on service.

  • Logistics Management Support

    The logistic and material management needs of clients are meet by the purchasing, management, inventory managements, and financial management support which are provided by nStar Global Services. Our engineering expertise combined with our understanding of energy efficiency materials allow us to obtain the right product and the right price.

  • Program Management Support

    We support the implementation of client contracts with public utilities by assisting with all aspects of program management. Services include managing field operations, providing engineering and logistics support, IT and data management services, and other related consulting services.

  • Proposal and Engineering Support

    Our experience in the field of utility energy efficiency programs is used to assist clients in the development of competitive proposals in response to public utility RFPs. We assist in the development of pricing and technical strategies, as well as assist in the writing process.

  • LED Fixture Development

    Working with industry experts, we are developing an series of LED fixtures that meet the needs of our clients. Current LED products available include, replacements for MR-16s and PAR lamps, linear tube replacements for refrigerated cooler cases and offices, Yard lights and street lights, and our latest product an LED service station canopy fixture, the NLP-210 series (data sheet).